Health Benefits of Ylang Oil

Sep 14th 2018

ylang ylang oil

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With aromatherapy becoming increasingly popular in Western culture, many of the essential oils that are commonly used for these purposes are also gaining celebrity status. Ylang essential oil, derived from the steam distillation of fresh flowers of the ylang-ylang tree is one of these essential oils, which only recently appeared on the holistic medicine and treatment radar.


So why is it that this essential oil is growing more and more popular amongst the alternative medicine community?


Well, it's mostly due to the number of health benefits that it offers. And like most other essential oils, it is rather dynamic and can be used in a variety of ways to help keep the mind and body fresh and healthy.


Let's take a look at 3 of the health benefits of ylang oil.


1. Hypotensive: Ylang essential oil is an excellent agent for lowering hypertension or high blood pressure. In today's hectic and highly stressful societies, high blood pressure is quickly becoming a serious health issue among both young and old. While there are drugs available that help mitigate this particular problem, they have known adverse side effects that may end up being just as bad and undesirable as the hypertension itself. Ylang oil, on the other hand, is an easy, effective, natural, and safe solution to this problem. Moreover, it has no adverse side effects on health, when taken in professionally-prescribed quantities.


2. Aphrodisiac: Using ylang essential oil has been linked to improvements in libido, which can help boost romance between couples. This is particularly useful for people who are significantly impacted by the stresses of everyday life, which can negatively affect romance and sex life. Everything from work, depression, and career responsibilities, to environmental pollution can influence your sex hormones and consequently your libido. With a little help from natural essential oils like ylang, you might just be able to rekindle your romance yet.


3. Nervine: This essential oil has also been linked to positive effects for the nervous system. It has intrinsic properties that help to strengthen the nervous system as well as repair damage that it may have suffered. It also helps to reduce stress and protects nerves from developing a number of disorders that target the nervous system.


So there's a brief background on this powerful and multipurpose essential oil. Armed with this information on how you can holistically improve and protect your health, why not give it a try? And remember, as with all forms of medicine, holistic or not, you should always consult a medical professional prior to diving right in!


Until next time, stay happy and healthy!