The Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

Sep 14th 2018

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The benefits of Neroli Essential Oil are numerous and dynamic. And today, we'll be focusing on its properties as a disinfectant, deodorant, digestive and emollient which make this oil so special and beneficial to your health.


Neroli essential oil is derived from a citrus fruit, and because of that, many of its medicinal properties are very similar to those of other citrus-based essential oils. Neroli oil is extracted through the steam distillation of Neroli flowers. Here are some of the chief compounds of Neroli essential oil: Alpha Pinene, Alpha Terpinene, Beta Pinene, Camphene, Farnesol, Geraniol, Indole Nerol, Linalool, Linalyl Acetate, Methyl Anthranilate, Nerolidol and Neryl Acetate.


Let’s see the many "Benefits of Neroli Essential oil":


Disinfectant: In addition to sanitizing and disinfecting your body, neroli oil can also have the same effect on your surroundings. It's able to ameliorate prostate, colon, kidney and urinary tract infections when ingested. Lastly, it can help cure skin infections and prevent new ones from forming.


Deodorant: While not a deodorant in the colloquial sense, neroli essential oil has the ability to neutralize foul odors. For this reason, it's often used as a perfume when applied directly to the skin or as an air freshener for rooms and spaces. When used in this way, not only will this eliminate odors but it will also disinfect the room of toxins and germs.


Digestive: Neroli essential oil can help increase your appetite and promote better digestion, which can in turn help you maintain a healthy metabolic rate.


Emollient: This particular property may be what makes neroli essential oil so popular. Its ability to make skin feel smooth, infection-free, and shine make it an excellent topical solution for many daily skin care needs. It also helps to maintain optimal moisture and oil balance levels.


This essential oil packs a serious punch, so go grab a bottle and experience the magic for yourself!