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Is AYRES a natural bath and body brand?

AYRES is a naturally derived bath and body brand: we select natural active ingredients infused with pure essential oils. All products are 100% made in the USA,, paraben free and propylene glycol free.

Does AYRES test on animals?

We do not conduct animal testing on any of our products or in any of the ingredients we use. AYRES, Inc. is committed to the elimination of animal testing and fully supports the global acceptance of non-animal testing alternatives.

Where can I buy AYRES products near me?

You may access our store locator to check for where AYRES products are available near you or purchase online at

How can I apply for a job at AYRES, Inc.?

We are always in search of talented and energetic individuals to join the AYRES team. To inquire about positions available in our office, please send a resume to the Career opportunities page:

Please understand that we can only respond if there is a position available that is suited to your qualifications.


What is the recommended usage period after opening for any of our products?

We display the recommended period after opening on every packaging of our products. This is a pictogram showing an open jar specifying the recommended usage period once the product has been opened.

Why should I use natural skincare ingredients?

Being the body’s largest organ, skin absorbs up to 60% of what we put on it, which is why it’s so important to choose natural.

It’s advisable to do your research and know what to avoid when picking products: make sure your beauty basics are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives, that they’re non-allergenic and GMO-free, and that all ingredients are naturally-derived and not tested on animals.

AYRES’ products tick all these boxes. Paraben-free and made with natural ingredients that enhance the skin’s natural function to regenerate, they also keep skin looking and feeling silky soft.

Of course, the effects of going natural will not be seen overnight. But maintaining a good daily skincare regime – starting with understanding and choosing quality beauty products that are gentle yet effective – will certainly pay off in the long-run. 

I have sensitive skin. Can I use a Body Polish?

Yes of course! For a glowing and radiant complexion, body care and cosmetic experts highly recommend exfoliating your skin at least twice per week. Ground apricot seeds are an excellent option for your weekly exfoliating needs. Mild, gentle, yet extremely efficient, ground apricot seeds are found in our Body Polish and do an excellent job of removing dry and aged layers of skin, while improving blood circulation for the rejuvenated and refreshed sensual experience your skin deserves.

Should I use a Body Butter or a Body Lotion for my skin type?

Our Body Butter includes shea butter, an all-natural, vitamin A cream with healing properties, this is why it’s a great remedy for skin damaged by dryness, chapping, or windburn. Our Body Butter will provide longer-lasting, superior emollients, making it a better choice when dry skin also needs intense moisture and healing.
If your skin needs a light daily hydration, our natural Body Lotion is a great option. Just a little lotion will go along way leaving your skin smooth with a healthy glow. The truth is, both of these have great applications and benefits.

Can I apply AYRES products on my child’s skin?

We do not currently have a specific range for children. Therefore, we recommend not using AYRES products on child’s skin.


Do I have to register with to place an order?

You can place an order without registering. However, having a personal account allows you to track orders and review your order history. You will save time when placing future orders by saving your data.

Do you have any limitations for shipping within the United States (Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska)?

We can ship to Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Alaska. Please contact the customer service at: for assistance to help you placing your order.

Do you have any limitations for shipping outside the Unites States?

We can ship internationally. Please contact the customer service at: for assistance to help you placing your order.

How can I track my order?

You can log in into your account – click “My orders”. A shipping confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as your order has been shipped. For any additional information, please contact Customer service by phone at 1-866-228-0285 or (786) 866-7887.


How can I find out about special AYRES promotions?

Sign up to receive the newsletter at AYRES website to learn about new promotions and complimentary shipping.

How can I receive Free Shipping?

We offer complimentary shipping on any order over $75. Don’t miss out as well our Today only free shipping promotions. Register to our newsletter today!

How can I unsubscribe from Email newsletters?

Simply click the ‘unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email you receive from us.