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6 Body Care Must Haves in Your Closet

Sep 14th 2018

 Do you really love your Body? The question remains to be answered.  Lifestyles have changed and so have we. Instead of managing the trend, we have accustomed ourselves to it. & … read more

The Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

Sep 14th 2018

photo courtesy of   The benefits of Neroli Essential Oil are numerous and dynamic. And today, we'll be focusing on its properties as a disinfecta … read more

The History of Aromatherapy

Sep 14th 2018

Photo courtesy of History of Aromatherapy: Because AYRES Beauty is such a strong believer in the power of aromatherapy, we decided to dedicate an entire blo … read more

Health Benefits of Ylang Oil

Sep 14th 2018

Photo courtesy of   With aromatherapy becoming increasingly popular in Western culture, many of the essential oils that are commonly used for these purposes ar … read more